In an uncertain workplace, more and more people are looking to control their own future. With proven control and sales building systems, Quesada has established an enviable track record. Our business model lets you own your own business, without being alone in business.

Almost 50% of our franchisees have gone on to open multiple restaurants. Quesada has won awards from the Canadian Franchisee Association, the CQF and has even been listed in the Entrepreneur Magazine Top 500.

Quesada now boasts outlets in 11 Canadian campuses and hospitals across Canada.

Our secret is that we recognize that our customers recognize flavour. And we are all about the flavours  of Mexico. So we do the little things right like roast our own tomatoes and peppers, cook our own rice and beans, and make our salsas fresh daily. Our customers are excited to be able to get something fresh and healthy and that tastes wow! When you try it, you will know what we mean.

Be proud to be part of something to be proud of….


*Technomic Canadian Ethnic Food & Beverage Consumer Report

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Read the cover story in Canadian Business Franchise about Quesada’s fresh approach to Mexican food and franchising.

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Simply the best! Canadian Franchise Association has selected Quesada as a 2017 Franchisees’ Choice Designee!

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Quesada was recently selected as one of the top 500 franchises of 2017 by Entrepreneur Magazine!

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